Camp Enari and Dragon Mountain
Headquarters, 4th Infantry Division, Pleiku, VN
If you were with the Fighting Fourth in Vietnam, and
are familiar with Division Base Camp, Camp Enari,
then you will have undoubtedly seen Dragon
Mountain. I'm not sure why, maybe because of its
iconic stature, but that place was always very
captivating and compelling to me.

Camp Enari is (was) located at 13deg, 52min,
53sec North, by 108deg, 01min, 33sec East.

To the Northwest is Dragon Mountain, about 1/2
mile to 3/4 miles depending on which side of the
mountain you are on.

In DMS coordinates, it is at 13,53,09 N by 108, 00,
51 E.

The mountain is about 1,000 feet East of the
highway junction, QL19 and QL14.
Highway 19 is East/West and Highway 14 runs

Traveling about 12 miles North on Hwy 14 from 4th
Div Base Camp leads you to Pleiku City.

Dragon Mountain peaks at about 3,270 FAMSL
(feet above mean sea level), and averages 250 to
300 feet above the surrounding terrain.
Camp Enari is the little square
area in the center of the photo with
the "U" shaped Dragon Mountain
directly above it, to the Northwest.
A closer view of the mountain with a
bird's eye view at about 1 mile.
A view from above Dragon Mountain.
Note the well-defined roads and
buildings that now reside there.
This is a snapshot I took in 1968.
Dragon Mountain is in the background
and Signal Hill to the left.
Supplies going out to a firebase. The
mountain to the left and Signal Hill on
the right.


Nice Memories
The 4th Infantry Division
Camp Enari
 Central Highlands
             Pleiku, South Vietnam
God bless our troops.