I found a perfect case for the
project on eBay fo $19.00. It's a
4U (7" high) 19” Rack mount
Case, by American Media
Systems. The case is built for a
server computer, but looks like
something Uncle Sam would have
contracted. It is very heavy duty,
nicely engineered, and super
quality throughout.

Here's some of the junk I removed.
ACE Chassis Fabrication
The basic case that the ACE
project requires. It would seem
that the trend in professional
receivers is to finish them in
colors other than the dark gray
and black that Hams are used to
seeing in their equipment. Take a
look at Watkins-Johnson, Racal,
and Harris radios made for
intercept and surveillance
monitoring, and some of the new
5 and 6 digit cost stuff from Icom,
JRC, and Tentec. This case is a
durable powder coated ivory
color, so I guess I'll leave it that
A view of the handle and rack mount bracket detail. The designers did an excellent job in style and construction
engineering. The rack handles, which will flank the front panel, will always be a prominent feature of the radio, as
viewed by its operator. These are cast aluminum with black rubber inserts - very easy on the eyes.
The panel layout printed on paper and taped to the blank front panel. This will be used as a guide for drilling the
holes. Note that the
Attenuator, Bandwidth, Mode, and AGC selector switches have been replaced with interlocking
push buttons. Although the actual display may be changed to a higher resolution type...maybe to 10 Hz resolution, it
really isn't necessary with the proposed filtering and added RIT control. I have easily tuned in a crowded CW signal,
Data, and PSK with no problem. Additionally, I have added a Bandwidth Balance and Shift control - in the grouping
marked "Freq."