"Signal Systems"
is a publishing division of
(Communications Group)
"American Communications Engineers"
Signal Systems - Selective Signals,
and Alphadyne
are engineering divisions of
RWB/CG (Communications Group)
AM Commercial Broadcast E-Log
A complete listing of all US AM Radio Commercial Broadcast Stations.
The main listings are arranged in three files sorted by:
Call Sign  -   Frequency  -   State
Those "other" directories don't have their listings sorted
those three ways.
This section alone is about 350 pages of listings, at your
finger tips, for fast and convenient look-up.
This disc requires a PDF reader which is available free here.
The disc and PDF program allows you the
option of printing any, or all, of the files, or selected pages, along with all appropriate cover sheets,
and the category divider pages (Call Sign, Frequency, and State).
Price, including First Class Postage: $20.00 in the USA, $25.00 USD Elsewhere.
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Author's Note: If the cost of this disc seems excessive to you, consider what you pay at the music store for a 45-minute CD of your favorite band ... then
consider the
convenience of having all this Broadcast Station sorted log book information readily available at your fingertips.

Also, please appreciate that many, many hours of research and typesetting time and labor went into the gathering, updating, sorting, composing and
converting these files.

Note that I cannot be responsible for any changes to the FCC Database after the publication of this disc.

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Sample pages showing
the layout and the three
sorting formats.
NEW and Updated for 2012
With additional info and data files
And ... a lot of other files, listing
Clear-Channel Stations,      Early Stations,
50,000 Watt Stations, TIS-HAR Stations (Traffic Info System-Hwy Advisory),
NDB's (nondirectional beacons)
which are sorted by state, frequency, and call sign
plus, covers, dividers  and a printable log sheet format. A total of more than 600 pages !
A sample of the Call Sign sort.
A sample of the Frequency sort.
A sample of the State sort.
A sample of the
Printable Log Sheet.
And MUCH more - well over
600 pages of AM Broadcast
directories, listings, and data
- including LF Beacons.

There is
NO other logbook
collection as comprehensive
as this CD.

Triple sorted
State, Frequency, Call Sign
for look up convenience,
scanning, surfing, searching
or identification.

Order NOW - One-week
(nominal) shipping
USA...longer elsewhere.
A total of more than 600 pages !