Amy's Page
TBR's co-founder, associate editor,
technical adviser, proof reader,
author, and photographer.
Debbie with Amy. Amy has been autographed.
Amy with Ann Garofalo, Louis A Bustamante, and
Bob Betts at Kava lounge in New York City.
Fan-Fun Frolic No. 8.
Leigh Foxx, Amy, her dad, and husband John, at
Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut USA.
Axis theater, in New York City,  where Debbie
performed in the play
Amy with Sam Hill (Into the Bleach tribute band)
and Katy Burchell in the UK.
Amy Oravec is TBR's co-founder. She first met Bob Betts in the
1990s as a cyber pen pal on Louis A Bustamante's DHBIS Internet
e-mail reflector. Sharing common interests in Blondie and
publishing, their friendship continued. A few years later, Amy and
Bob finally met in New York City, in mid-2000, and solidified the
plans to begin
The Blondie Review.

Since then, Amy has proofread and advised on every issue of the
magazine, authored several articles, conducted interviews with band
members, reported on Deborah and Blondie events, and contributed
many photographs.
A sketch by Amy Oravec.
Celebrating Blondie and Friends
Left: The proud moment: DHBIS meets TBR ... for a second time. Right: Amy
and Bob handing out door prizes at Totem lounge during one of the eight
Left: Amy, Bob, and Ann. Right: Punk-chic in the East Village of New York.
Above: Amy with Ann and Bob in New York. Right: In a UK at a tube store. Of
course she found a poster with Debbie on it.