Receive Transformers and Multicouplers (UNUN)
All versions of our transformers are built to several MIL-SPEC
requirements. These devices may seem a bit pricey at first glance, but
that's not really the case when compared to some of the products that
are currently available on the hobby market and seem to be very
popular. Many of them cost more but are quite cheap on the inside.
We try to build quality items that never need replacing, unless abused.
We do not build for volume sales. We only build in small lots, or 'to
order', depending on the customer's wants and needs. We only
advertise on my Web site. We average a few dollars profit to cover the
cost of this site. We NEVER cut corners. The prototype balun is in my
back yard. It is 26 years old. It's still fine...rain, snow, ice and salt air
from the CT problems, yet. Tell us your requirements...we'll
see what can be done for you."

1.  9:1 transformer (unun) Type-F connector (gold plated binding
posts for antenna/ground side).

2. 4-way multicoupler, w/built in 9:1 and four 50 ohms out (5 Type-F

Usable response: 20KHz to 30+ MHz. (VLF, LF, MF, HF)

Options, slight extra cost:
SO-239  or BNC connectors (Teflon/nickel), see prices below.

All are completely weather proof and UV, ozone, salt, acid (corrosion)
and alkali (caustic) resistant.
Low loss ferrite cores (not Chinese imports)
EMF/RFI shielded.
Heavy construction (
will actually handle QRP transmit wattage, but not
guaranteed for transmitting, since those conditions are out of our
Completely sealed in Marine Epoxy (-40 to +140 deg F)
Zinc (alloy) housing.

Built to:
Meets certain TEMPEST specs.
(weather resistance, moisture exclusion, caustic/corrosive prevention)

Bandwidth Tested with:
Output Imp; 36, 5
0, 150, 300 Ohms
Input Imp; 3
00, 450, 1200, 2400 Ohms)


Please contact me for availability. These prices are current as of January 2014, but subject to change.

All items are built to order.
I seldom have any stock of finished units.

9:1 encapsulated module (only) No connectors or enclosure.                    $25.00     see photo
Transformer 9:1 Receive ONLY, Binding posts and F-type connector.      $45.00     no photo, see below
Optional: As above with SO239 or BNC replacing F-type connector.          $52.00     see photo

Multicoupler, 4-way, 50 Ohms in, (4X) 50 Ohms out, all F-type conns.         $65.00     no photo, similar to

Multicoupler/Transformer, 4-way, with 9:1 transformer built in.
450 Ohms in and 52 Ohms in, (4X) 50 Ohms out, all F-type conns.               $85.00     see photo

NOTE: All above standard with F-type connectors for 50 Ohm ports and screw binding posts for 450 Ohm ports.

Current shipping in the US is $5.80 via Priority Mail. E-mail me for other locations.
Here is a costing analysis I did recently.
Just as an FYI to show that we DO NOT cut corners on our parts and components and that
the profits and labor are absolutely minimal. Any funds left over go to supporting this FREE
web site. BTW: since I made that list, some parts have increased in cost. I will try to hold
the current prices through the summer of 2014.