Bob's Page
These are some of my favorite pictures. Deb is ageless and
timeless. She is a lady of a thousand looks, but whether it's
no makeup, or prepared for the stage, she's always fantastic.
Cathay Che's Blondie/Deborah Harry book release party at
Mothers nightclub ... one of my favorite memories. At right is
a snap of that night when I had a very pleasant chat with Deb.
Proud Moments ---------------------------------------
Snaps from some of our "Fan-Fun Frolics" in New York City. We held FFFs in all
the right places: Chelsea, East Village, and Greenwich Village.
Clockwise from above: Me seated with the beautiful Ann Garofalo, our NYC
reporter (now deceased - we love and miss you Annie),my associate editor Amy
Oravec standing with Barry L. Kramer who is half of the official
Blondie Web site
staff and William Bader, friend and photographer.
John Sibby,
TBR's archivist and advisor holds TBRs with Jayne County and me at
some club in the East Village.
There's John and me in "Punki Town" (secret mission - no more info allowed).
A very proud moment:
The Blondie Review magazine meets "The
Deborah Harry/Blondie Internet Service" (DHBIS

Ann Garofalo with Louis A Bustamante, Amy
Oravec, and me.

Louis is the gatekeeper of several past e-mail
reflector groups, which has kept the general
populous up-to-date - on all kinds of Debbie and
Blondie news, events, and info for more than a
decade. He also owns, another
must-see for all Blondie fans and punksters.
Louis is the co-keeper of the official
Blondie site.
This was at FFF No. 8, a
TBR party held in honor
of Blondie's new album
The Curse of Blondie
and the subsequent tour, "Phasm-8." Louis was
our guest of honor - for a second time.
TBR's editor/publisher