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It was 1963 when I met Rudy T. Bozak. He was 53 years old and I was 18. I had the pleasure,
privilege, and honor to work at his side for 17 years. Rudy was a man of great integrity, honor,
principle, foresight, and courage. He was a consummate professional - in every sense of the
word. I'd like to think that many of his qualities rubbed off on me ... or at least that I tried to
emulate them. In a short while, it became obvious that I had acquired a Dutch Uncle, friend, and
mentor. If Rudy liked you, you were truly blessed and bound to be the precipitant of many of the
generous offerings he, and his company, had to offer. A few months after my hiring, the
present Chief Engineer was let go for differences of opinion. I was 18 1/2 years old when he put
me in charge of his Acoustics Lab. By day I learned all the inside, professional basics of audio
and acoustics design. By night, he tutored me with some of my college work, while I attended a
7-year evening program.
Rudy and I traveled extensively together. We dined, drove, walked, flew, worked, entertained,
and socialized as lifelong friends. I never, ever, let any aspect of my association with him
become routine or casual in my mind. Even being around him for 40 to 60 hours every week, I
never took our relationship for granted - my job was not something that I thought about on any
casual level. I always took great pride and honor in my position at his company. I cannot put
into words, the thrill and pride of being introduced to someone as "Bozak's Chief Engineer," or
"Rudy's Right Hand Man." Amazing - how serendipitous and fortuitous for me!
Wedding Honors: I have had the privilege of being honored for various things during my life. I
say "honored" because I really am uncomfortable with those kinds of things - after all, why
honor someone for just doing their job - exemplary or not?  Anyhow, They are all memorable in
their own way. I think one of the greatest honors I have ever received was on May 24th in 1969
when Rudy and Lillian arrived at my wedding ceremony and attended the reception
afterwards. There's nothing special to mention here, except that Rudy Bozak, and his bride,
took the time and effort to attend our wedding!
Me in the Bozak lab in 1965.

My treasured leather bound Lab Notebook.