No price has currently been established with these coupons. We will continue to research the current global-market
value for carbon dioxide, in one-ton increments. However, we find this to be a somewhat daunting process, since the
scientific community has proven that the suppression of CO
2 seems to reduce the quality and quantity of global
vegetation - our sole source of cyclic oxygen generation - thereby rendering this a rather contradictory effort.
Regardless, we shall continue to check various commodity markets in order to ascertain a reasonable fair trade
value in Euros, Yen, Rubles, Vietnamese Piasters, Deutsche Marks, Swiss Francs, Pounds Sterling, colorful glass
beads, shinny metal trinkets, and (oh yes) US Dollars.

Additionally, not to be oppressed in our efforts to save the planet Earth from the influences of the excesses and
waste of the human race, we will also continue our efforts in the control and eventual elimination of the planet's most
prolific killer chemical:
DiHydro Monoxide*.
More to come as we wet our feet in that program.

* (H
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If you purchase Carbon Coupons from me, I will personally see that all proceeds go to a nonprofit scientific
organization - one which conducts itself according to the precepts and maxims of real (and true) scientific research
and the physical sciences. There will be NO political considerations or affiliations associated with this program.