Carol and Tom's Cats
A Great Home On the Westbrook Coastline
Carol and Tom have an ideal home for strays to take up
residence. It's a beautiful place on the Connecticut shore with
lots of windows, cozy rooms, and comfy places to curl up.
You can climb the spiraled staircase to the turret and bask in the
sunshine, or watch the birds, squirrels and rain drops from the
comfort of the glass-walled garden room. If you are a Westbrook
stray and word hasn't gotten to you about this place, then you
must be deaf.
Carol is one of
Chris' early caretakers, and volunteer at  
Forgotten Felines (CT). So, it's no wonder that over the years,
several cats have found their way to this bucolic wonderland.

We start with an old timer that I've always
admired. His name is Tommy. Tom, an orange
tabby,  knows full well who and what he is,
and you'd be well advised to understand that!
Pet him the right way and he purrs, flips and
flops about with gratitude in his eyes. Pet him
the wrong way and you may loose some
precious body fluids. Tom is a guy of great

Early in December 2007, Tommy went on to
the other side. We think it fitting that we
dedicate this page to our special friend - an
honor from all his housemates.
Here's Arthur. Like the Knights of the
Round Table, he lives like a king ... well,
I suppose he thinks that way, anyhow.
He's a good-old-boy, very much a cat,
and always well-groomed.

Arthur, like all his brothers and sisters,
loves a soft napping place, but one
special and personal space is "his"  
basket in the laundry room.
This is a real sweetheart. Her name is Opal. When she was a baby and Carol had to take an extended trip,
Mr. Rat and Ms. Kitty were enlisted to babysit. I think R&K were a bit unused to having a child around the
house, since they had usually adopted the more senior fuzz balls. On my first visit there, it was apparent that
"Miss Opie" kept them quiet busy. "But Kitty, she's just a kitten - she's not crazy, just young." We had a lot of
fun with the frisky little fuzz ball.
Opal in her Easter
finest. Quiet a catch for
the right gent.
A beautiful
(Slipper's pal, "Scotch"
pics to come.)
About Carol and Tom's Cats

Slipper and Scotch - half sisters from the Valley Shore Animal
Welfare league, were found in the woods with their mother
(mom was placed separately) at 3 and 6 months old in the
summer of 1987. Scotch, the sweetest, smartest, and best cat
ever, was a surrogate mom to Slipper and took care of her until
they were adults. Slipper always thought of her as mom though
and often pestered Scotch for attention. Scotch took care of me
when I was laid up with a bad back, only leaving my side to eat
and use the litter box. She died in 2002 at 15yo. Slipper who was
still a bit feral survived by cunning and wit. Always on the alert,
she was willing to eat most anything from birdseed to fresh
mouse meat. A petite girl, she finally warmed up to naps on the
couch with us in her later years and passed away in Jan. 2007 at
the age of 19 1/2.
Arthur was rescued in the KMart parking lot in Derby in 1995 as a
7 week old kitten. After trying various homes of my coworkers for
the weekends, he came to live with us. In his older age now, he
is quite loving and performs several tricks for treats. He has a
temperamental side though and I'd rather be in Tommy's
clutches than Arthur's when he decides to latch on to me. Since
Slipper has died, he is much more mellow but I can't tell if that is
due to his age or his new found superiority in the household.
Tommy was born sometime in 1987 as near as we can figure.
He spent his first 17 years keeping watch on the grounds at the
Forest Service Ansonia lab, making sure no other cat came on
site and keeping the mouse population in check. He is very
mellow now and gives gentle love bites to his mommy. He purrs
the loudest of any cat I've known and gives a good stretch when
cued. He is a no nonsense cat and takes his job now of
guarding the turret very seriously.
Opal's mom Pearl, came to the FS also when she was 3 weeks
pregnant in 2003. We gave her a home while she came to term
and susequently raised her six kittens. Opal looked the most like
Pearl so she came home with me. Pearl and the other kittens
were all placed in good homes. Opal is fun loving and pesky and
never had a hard day in her life, except maybe leaving Pearl and
her siblings. She is very sweet and still likes to climb up on my
neck and at 17 pounds, is no small feat.

Carol Anne
Bath time...
From Pearl's beautiful family, Miss Opal