Our New Printer Is a Real Person
... Not a Machine
One day, a few years ago, I was talking on the phone to a dear
friend in New York City. She is a public figure and very well
known. Consequently, I respect and protect her privacy by only
referring to her by the nom de plume that I tagged her with 5
years ago: “Chelsea Knight.” She is a sweet, lovable, beautiful,
personable, and friendly lady who has been very helpful and
supportive of
TBR ever since we began this project. At one point
during the conversation, she asked me about some of the new
things we are doing here in the
TBR office.
Chelsea commented: “
Gee,  how wonderfully professional TBR
looks since you have added the color pages
.” I thanked her and
admitted that complements like that are what makes all the hard
work so very worthwhile.
I explained to her that the professional look of the magazine was
because, beginning with issue No. 13, we have been using a new
She asked, “
Oh, like one of those new Xerox color printers?”
I replied, “
No, like one of those Eddie Fliess color printers!”-BB
Eddie at his TBR wall (should we say,
Blondie wall?). He has every georgous
color cover on display in his office—all
printed in glorious “Eddie color,” ... of
course. Our readers owe Eddie a great big
“thank you” for all his hard work, creativity,
and dedication. Eddie, with partner Jeff,
operates Ohio’s premier printing company,
The Graphic Touch.
Above: Eddie, with Jeff. He's Blondie’s
biggest fan in Columbus, Ohio (maybe all of
Ohio). Eddie is a printer, graphic artist,
musician, playwright, and entertainer.

Right: One of Eddie's favorite Debbie photos.
Eddie's Page
The Glorious World of Eddie COLOR ®
by Eddie Fliess

I have been doing graphic design for nearly 20 years. My life-partner, Jeff Knoll, and I have owned and operated the Graphic
Touch since 1996. Over the years we have worked designing, printing, copying, binding and finishing many publications for
various clients.

One day I opened my mouth to Bob (Betts) “
Is there anything Jeff and I can do to help the cause?”  A few days later we were
the official
TBR printers.  We took over the print production of The Blondie Review for the December 2003 Issue (TBR-13). A
lucky number to me now ... that number 13!

In seeing what the staff had created up to issue 13, I chimed in with my two cents worth, (and what was to become a blessing
to the publishing budget for
TBR), all I told Bob was, “I want her to SPARKLE!”
Thanks to Eddie and Jeff, every dollar we save in production costs, is a dollar more for our charities fund.-BB)

Bob does a fabulous job in laying out the book, then Amy buries her nose into it and reads through for (G*d forbid!!) errors, then
before too long, I get this large envelope in the mail, do the Happy Snoopy Dance and the "TOYOTA-What-a-feeling" jump in the
air and kick my feet together. Within minutes I am loading that puppy into the CD drive and begin putting the final technical
touches on it ("
Working my magic." as I am told) making it ready to print and put together.

“Check for formatting errors!” Bob is on a PC and I am on a Mac. I will encounter an odd formatting error, like arrows that
appear in the "Little Fawn" advertisement, or the odd way the two different platforms handle and control fonts. But alas, it’s all
good. It gives me a chance to read it before it goes to press.  (Bob, BUY A MAC!)
Then: Covers…click, drag, option, command, control, click, drag, print. Inside pages…click, drag, option, command, control,
click, drag, click, print, collate, fold, staple, bend, shingle (a printing term for evening up the edges when binding a thick book in
the spine, cutting off the excess that spills out the open edge), mutilate (OK, nix the mutilate)…

And VOILA. She sparkles in “Glorious
Columbus, Ohio
TBR's printer/graphic designerr
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