EME, Radio Astronomy, and SETI
                                             ... and the Hydrogen Line



Two satellite-type scopes. One is an LCD display and the other is the traditional CRT display. Also shown
is a modified satellite signal level meter with DC and RF outputs and pass-thru.
A standard Tenma satellite signal scope.
It comes with the original book, power
adapter and nylon case.
Manufacturer's model No. 72-6954

This is a nice light weight, unit for the
field, especially when setting up dishes,
adjusting feedhorns, or calibrating LNA
and LNB gain.
An older standard "Satlook" by Perfect-10
of Sweden. This satellite signal scope has
always been a favorite around here, both
in the lab and in the field.
It comes with a menu book, power adapter
and well-used hard case.
The scope is somewhat of a veteran and
has the scars to prove how much we
loved to use it. There's nothing seriously
wrong with the cosmetics, just the usual
scuffs, scrapes, and scratches. It will
clean up nicely.
This is a heavier weight unit, but built like
a tank. This one has been lab-modified to
provide DC bias output for LNA/LNB
powering with switchable RF and DC
insertion and a 12 VDC aux tap for other
equipment that may need to be locally
This device is the kind of thing we'd
take everywhere with us. It's a Tenma
(72-6281) Sat meter with all the
obligatory controls and functions.

We modified it for the SETI, EME, and
Radio Astronomy mission as can be
seen on the back panel. It also has a
12 VDC aux tap.
All the requisite AC power adapters are
included with the equipment.
Although, if you are building an "Earth
Station" in your shack or at your
observatory, you'll probably want to run all
this gear from one central power supply --
that's optional, but just a suggestion for
keeping the station nice and neat.
Both scopes and Tenma Sat Meter, plus power supplies; $400.00
(+Shipping and Insurance via UPS)