EME, Radio Astronomy, and SETI
                                            ... and the Hydrogen Line


Not photographed are some necessary hardware pieces.

1. There are 2 linear actuators for one of the 8' dishes for azmuth and elevation positioning.
2. There's a super heavy duty, chain driven polar or horizon drive. It has been rebuilt and never
3. An outdoor power supply and control box. It contains a 28 volt regulated supply and controls for
azumuth and elevation. The box is die cast, gasket-sealed, and perfect for mounting at the base of
one of the dishes.
4. Two commercial radome feedhorn weather covers.
5. Probably some other bits and pieces of handy installation hardware
Here's all the neat stuff, much of which was designed, fabricated, and assembled right here in our own
machine shop.
This was our standard 1.4 GHz
feedhorn that was used to
calibrate all our equipment and
get us up and running. It is truly a
homebrewer's device, since it was
fabricated from coffee cans. The
aluminum box contains a high
quality LNA that is powered from
the coax-fed Starfire in the shack.
The photos show that it survived
several seasons outdoors ...
which we didn't expect!

Yes, it's dirty and dusty from
sitting in the storage room, but
completely serviceable.
I guess a coat of paint would
make it look new.

Note the side brackets which allow
for a large latitude of adjustment
when setting it up on the dish.

The mouth of the beast showing
the 1.4 GHz probe.
This is the body of the final feedhorn. It was never put
into service since the original coffee can prototype
served us so well. The cylinder is solid brass and
silver soldered together. There is no end cap,
mounting brackets, or probe.

This thing is perfect for the serious experimenter to
complete as a feedhorn to suit your specific

This one will last a lifetime.
Here's the prototype dish and feed

The dish measures something short of 4

The Ham is 6-feet tall for reference.

I think that's Bob, N1KPR.
Here's a snapshot of one of the two large
dishes. They are about 7.5-feet diameter.

These are high quality commercial
12-point truss assemblies.

All hardware was new about 2 years ago.

There is no damage to either of these
very expensive dishes.

The feedhorn support plate and struts
come with one dish, along with 2 radome
weather covers.
Both feedhorns with one LNA and
housing; $75.00.
(+ UPS shipping and insurance)
All 3 dishes; $250.00
(no feedhorns)
(a value of over $1,500.00).
Local pickup only.