Necessary Evil
The third concert of the tour, at Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut USA
The set list and Deb's note to dedicate a song to our staff:
I want to dedicate this song to the people at The Blondie Review - we had fun this afternoon."
The song was an acoustic version of "Heart of Glass."
Left: Amazing new songs, teriffic
presentation, fantastic concert!

Deirdre Sibby, Deborah,
Maryann Betts, John Sibby, and
Bob Betts.

Right below:
Bob and John with Deb after the

Photos and autographs are the property of
J. Sibby.
Before the show she was
wearing a cheetah mini-outfit.

For the concert it was a tight
black top, pleated mini, and net

The after party outfit was
ceremonial sweats.
Right: Some shots of the show
and John on-stage during the
sound check.
Photos property of J.
Bob with Deb. Photo by Maryann Betts
Deb honored us with a
half-hour interview before
the show. We discussed all
kinds of things. A transcript
of that conversation will be
published in TBR No. 29, our
8th Anniversary issue.
"You are so nice, now what can I do for you?"
We didn't expect that! So we asked Deb to sign several copies of issue No. 28 with personal
messages to each member of the
TBR staff.
...and TBR was there!