A New Book for 2008
Forget the elections.
This will be more fun...
and it makes more sense, too!
For more than a half-century its been all about "having the jazz" ... being "Cool."
It's in our music, movies, clothing, and lifestyles.
It's about how we look, think, act and behave.
It's what we do and what we want to do.
Every mental, physical, moral, and emotional aspect
of our fun and enjoyment is about "Cool."
"Cool" is in our souls.
Barger, Dean, Brando, Jocko, and Clay were cool.
Lifestyle                                                 Movies                                            Music                       Entertainment
The Ramones took "Doo Wop Cool" into "New York City Punk Cool."
Debbie Harry is Blondie's Queen Punkette ...
... and pretty cool.
Our movies, music, and daily lives reflect our need for "coolness."
Rebel Without a Cause, The Wild One, and Easy Rider, we watched "Cool."
Since  street  corner Doo Wop  and  New Wave punks,  we have listened to "
Since "Harleys,  Corvettes,  Mustangs,  GTOs, and Rock 'n' Roll, we played "
Since Biker leather,  blue jeans,  engineer boots,  and sun glasses, we were "
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RWB/CG (Communications Group)
Copyright (c) 2007
Fonda Cool ...
... and Brando Cool

Doo Wop