I want to keep the "Big Blue Marble" Green! I'm a tenacious proponent of the holy and honorable
philosophy of preserving the very planet that feeds and sustains us ... of not selfishly using up,
contaminating, and otherwise destroying our gift from God -- this beautiful, bountiful planet Earth. That
is essentially my mantra - so much so, that those words, those beliefs, are truly a part of my soul. I firmly
believe that. Amen.
However, as a man of science for more than two-score years, and having been associated with many,
many folks of various disciplines within the scientific community, I take offense to the misuse,
exploitation, and manipulation of any condition, situation, circumstance or data for the self-serving use
by any man - be it for financial gain, political posturing, social positioning, religious dogma, or just to
garner power.
It is a basic precept of humanist morality that, "The truth is good, wholesome, righteous, and correct,
and that lies are the poisons from an evil soul." A man's word is his honor.
Yet, it would seem that the temptations of greed, lust for power, and the corroboration of
self-importance would cause these noxious toxins to surface in many of our human race. The
proponents of these lies are, at least, intellectually dishonest and morally corrupt! We then exacerbate
these negative virtues by allowing those charged with our leadership and representation to abjectly
promote, procreate, proliferate, promulgate, and propagate the demon lies for collective consensus
and righteous revisionism of all that is true, honest and holy.
GREEN: Truth and Lies
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I have confidence that given enough time science will prevail and global warming will be laughed at and will be
used in text books as an example of how the madness of the crowds can be used to manipulate people in the
21st century as easily as was done in the famous tulip mania in the 19 th century. However, at that point the left
will find some other junk to restrain productive people. --Dave H.
Every time I hear the word "consensus" , I think of the consensus that the earth was the center of the solar
system, or the consensus the earth was flat. During those periods of history, if you denied the consensus,
prison, loss of position, and even death could result. The global warming Taliban are pushing for and getting
some of the same penalties. The Taliban and the global warming crowd are using the same methods to build
power and control over people. I do think there are some cracks in the consensus these days. Like the
"mistake" that NASA made about 1998 being the hottest year. “Mistake?” … what a load. --Bob D.
Comments From the Scientific Community
Names to be published upon securing permissions. More to be added.
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The Moral and Scientific Basics
Truth, Proof, and Honesty
(In the works)
We have been collecting data which I'll eventually put up on this site. We will show, with scientific data, that ALL
the negative energies: methanol, agra-fuels, biomass, wind, solar, and others, that either do more damage to
the planet than good, and/or are economically impractical, and explain why they are negative energy sources.
We will show the insanity of not allowing the expansion of nuclear power plants, continued oil exploration, the
construction of additional oil refineries (its been 31 years), and renovations to existing petro-facilities (no major
upgrades in 20 years).

We are also onto the very socio-political recycling kick too. That whole industry wastes more hydrocarbon
energy per family than any individual household could possibly save - unless they continued to feed the landfills
with their refuse, in a smart and practical way - and that's a good thing. There are a few countries who know how
to process ALL trash, garbage and other disposables efficiently, in a manner suitable to adding to their land
mass - horizontally, not vertically.

And, of course, we will dive into the fallacies surrounding CO2 as a man-made pollutant that contributes to
global warming - the incorrectly tagged "carbon emissions." Also to be examined are the heating effects of
normal solar cycles, the earth's evolutionary mini-ice age, the cyclic nature of the ozone layer, weather pattern
cycles, cyclic ocean currents and natural beach erosion, the scientific communities' inability to accurately
measure Earth and ocean temperatures, the differences between meteorology, climatology, and
paleo-climatology, and much more.

The current "vogue" green program involves the use of ethanol in our gasoline. This is a disastrous economic
plunder that causes additional use of hydrocarbons to produce, distribute, and consume. Its use as a fuel
reaches far beyond the transportation and inefficient combustion aspect, deep into the agricultural markets,
land usage, and further transportation costs.
Ethanol is a NEGATIVE fuel costing more petrochemicals to
produce than it replaces!
Have we not learned from MTBE?

Finally, we will examine the scare tactics employed to create and preserve jobs within the malignant
bureaucracies of government and the educational system. It would seem that any substance, with any potential
danger of misuse or abuse, becomes Satan's chemicals. We will look at the harmless, and beneficial, use of
asbestos, lead, arsenic, mercury - just for starters.

We all know how to abuse these elements. Asbestos should never be ground into dust and inhaled. Lead,
arsenic and mercury should never be ingested. Other than that, they represent little threat of misuse. Paint, for
example, would be less expensive and function much better if left to its original formulations. Automobiles would,
on average, get about 17-20% better mileage if lead were still a part of the fuel formulation. There's more that
we will discuss here ... soon.
Heritage Foundation
Courtesy of www.Glenn Beck.com
Al Gore is sinking ...
... his iceberg
is melting!
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On second thought...nevermind.
The current UN-World focus on "fighting climate change," (as illustrated in the Nov. 27 UN Development
Programme's Human Development Report),
is distracting governments from adapting to the threat of
inevitable natural climate changes
, whatever forms they may take. National and international planning for
such changes is needed,
with a focus on helping our most vulnerable citizens adapt to conditions that
lie ahead. Attempts to prevent global climate change from occurring are ultimately futile, and
constitute a tragic mis-allocation of resources that would be better spent on humanity's real and
pressing problems.
The left is destroying our planet and economy. Our educational system, as socialistic as it already is, is being
further polluted by the madness, hysteria, and ignorance of the demons they have created.
Agra fuels, by their
very chemical nature, will always be a negative form of energy.
Water-based hydrocarbon fuels (eg;
ethanol) are costing us about a 40% loss in available energy through their distillation, distribution, and
The meat, dairy, and grain-based industries (farmers and processors) are suffering
historic economic losses.
Those industries currently thrive under a false, short-term ecological-ecomomic
cycle of long term disaster from
"no-substance credit" when subsidized with tax payer money to chase
Quixotic windmills, while we, the distributors, retailers, and consumers pay the fare - as will our
More: wind and solar power are, and probably will continue to be, huge economic disasters with less capital
energy return than their initial cost, ongoing maintenance, management, and distribution could ever replace.
Hydroelectric energy, though very economic, is very geographically specific, and therefore impractical on a broad
Our only hope to reverse the suction of this economic-political whirlpool, is to follow the natural
course of science, with its cleaner and more efficient use of mineral hydrocarbon fuels,
and harvest the
abundantly available resources of petroleum in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and other currently restricted areas.
Dare I mention atomic energy - the energy source that makes more sense than all the others - certainly unlike the
idealistic swirling vortex of veggie-fuels. But we'll talk about that some other time.
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