Caveat: I want a green Blue Marble, too - I really do. I don't like the folks who think it's okay
to crap-up our planet. I despise wastefulness. I also don't want to think that other
inhabitants of this planet have to live a lesser life than I do. I love people and animals. I love
food, clean water, a dry, warm bed, and all the electronic conveniences - I wish everyone
had them! I also wish all children could live a full and happy life within a complete family.
Okay, so much with thinking with my heart - time to think with the thing that God gave me
for thinking.
All that said, here's my op-ed.

It would be real interesting if the politicians would demand scientific debate
<>...For the good of the planet and its inhabitants, rather than using any
possible rhetoric and conjecture they can cling to for specific political platforms. All this comes
from a culture that has built flying machines that have taken us to the moon and back, yet we can't
figure out that trained, and experienced climatologists and paleo-climatologists have just a bit
more credibility on the subject than a presidential candidate.

I've been researching (for some time now) ethanol fuel production, biomass fuels, biodiesel, wind
farms, solar conversion, hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, and some other alternates which
escape my already throbbing cortex. Bottom line; someone, somewhere has got to show us that
any (any!) of these alternative energy sources will in fact reduce our (so called) carbon footprint (I
promised my Mother, priest, psychologist, therapist, and the entire local Police Department that I'd
never say those words again - you know what they are; "Green and Carbon Footprint."
Damn, now I need a Valium.

The fact is that, for example, the harvesting, refinement, production and delivery of ethanol
consumes anywhere from 3 to 8 times its equivalent energy in fossil fuel. Well, silly me, I didn't
realize that congress and the EPA were more knowledgeable than chemists, physicists, et al.

What all the lib crowd fails to remember (or admit) is that the oil companies are in business for one
to sell oil. They don't want to be shutting down to purge the systems every time they have to
switch to (yet) another congressionally mandated "blend." But yet, they are lawfully bound to do so.
They would absolutely love to update their refineries for more efficient operation -
that has not
been allowed in the past 21 years
They'd love to build a new efficient refinery -
that's been sand bagged for almost 32 years.

We (certainly me) would love to never buy another drop of Arab oil, but don't even mention new oil
wells in the Gulf, or Alaska, or anywhere in our vast land, to anyone within the beltway.

The left is screaming about petro-windfall profits. Last I knew, Wall Street has never shown
"record profits" from any of our oil companies when compared to some of the insurance,
pharmaceutical, and IT industries. It's called business; and since Exxon doesn't print money, I
suppose they have to sell a product at some profit it order to keep supplying us the commodity we
all need, want, and enjoy. I don't consider 7% or 9% return to public stock holders to be excessive -
comfortable, yes, but not windfall. I'd chalk that up to good management. There's certainly no
monopoly, and anyone who believes in consortium price fixing needs to take some anti-paranoia

Now, where was I going with this before blood started coming out of my ears? Oh yeah, so I say
"good" for institutions like Hillsdale <> . Who are they? I'd guess about
1% of our academia is even close to being least by the true Jeffersonian
definition "
conserving the American way of life ... and the Constitution." These are the folks who
have the courage to stand up and speak the truth -- what a concept!

Let's take the issue of 'Truth' vs. 'Political Prostitution' further:

When the libs speak, their words get stuck in my brain, and rattle around until the afore-mentioned
ear bleeding commences. Don't even think about getting me going on what they are doing to our
kids in school, K through 12, "No Child left behind," and the great
recycling debacle (would you
believe that recycling, the mother of Affirmative Action, was a Republican invention?), and "God"
(the word, let alone the deity) in public, and the loss of the "melting pot" to micro-cultures, and
socialized _________ (you fill in), and the way we treat our seniors (who should be revered for
their experience and wisdom), and family values, and "entitlement (read handout) programs, and
of course "outcome-based" everything.

One issue is conspicuous by its absence. Are you ready? Hold on. It is "Political Correctness."
"PC" as it is called is neither
political nor correctness. It IS a feel-good way of being a coward. It IS
the fear of not being loved. It is the fear of not standing up like a MAN (yes, I said "man") and
saying what is on your mind - in your heart and soul. It's all about saying, "It is what it is." PC is why
the USA is falling apart in the eyes and minds of the rest of the world. The very same country that
produced "The Great Generation" of the 1940s, who saved one-third of this world's land mass from
tyranny, oppression, starvation, and murder - you remember them, our parents - citizens of the
great USA, which is now variously known as "The Paper Tiger." Boy, the pendulum sure does swing!

But I digress - the topic of PC is worldwide in scope and deeply metastasised into our collective
souls. So we'll save that as a major project to tackle when my brain heals and my therapist give me
a passing grade (I hope he practices 'no child left behind').
Editor's Opinion