John's Page
TBR's archivist and historian
John Sibby is quite possibly the most proactive Blondie fan I have ever met. Whether it's a Jazz
Passengers performance, a solo Debbie gig, or a full blown Blondie concert - John is there. He's not just
at the venue, but he's first in line, he's there to greet the band members as they arrive, he's backstage
visiting them after the show, he's handing Deb her personal copies of
TBR, and he's in the dressing
rooms, chatting-up Deb and the boys, who all know John on sight.
Two photos by John Sibby. These photos made us very happy. John often delivers TBR
magazine to Deb, personally - it's always great to see her perusing them. The photo at
right is an exclusive that Deborah gave John for
TBR ... purrrfect!
Bob with John at Totem lounge
in the East Village of New York,
at one of
TBR's Fan-Fun Frolics.
Holly Makshilo and John with Bob at
Foxwoods casino in Connecticut after
a dressing room meeting with Debbie.
John and Bob
in Punki Town.
John and Bob in an East Village
club with Jayne County.
John Visits Deborah
Deb with roses and TBRs.
Deb with TBRs after a JP show.
A few random selections of John visiting with Deb and the Blondies.
John has a large presence in Allan Metz' 512 page, 3-pound, monster Blondie
book (
Blondie, From Punk to the Present) that the entire TBR staff put
together. Above: He proudly displays it with Joe Ryan, who shot the cover
image for the book, and the book's creator, Allan Metz. Right: Chris Stein and
John flip through the book. Inset: Clem Burke and John visiting and discussing
the massive content of the book.
Left: First in line for the Blondie performance, the night before they closed
CBGBs down. Above: Not limited to the Blondies, John is involved with the
entire genre - here with the sweet and talented Roberta Bayley who, ironically
published Blondie's first fan magazine. Right: Some memorabilia; a signed
Deb shoe and the scarf she wore in the movie
Six Ways to Sunday.
"John and I are old pals. He is a great friend
and coworker. John's contributions,
inspiration, and spirit are beyond words.
And I thank him for that."
--Bob Betts
John with Deb at Foxwoods
Casino, November 2007.
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