Kitty and Rat's Cats
I've known Kitty and Rat (Kay and Ken) for more than 62 years. During that entire time, there has always
been at least one 4-legged, adopted critter roaming the halls, rooms, and lush yard of their beautiful
Bridgeport home.

The most recent additions seems to be an incarnation of a departed, long-term resident, "Licorice."
Whether by destiny or chance, the feral strays that seemed to have shown up in the past 20 years, are
all of the panther variety - that is, velvety-black, green-eyed beauties. The pair that Miss Kitty and Mister
Rat are currently caring for are "Midnight" and "Josi." We aren't sure if the duo is father and daughter
or brother and sister, but they are pretty much inseparable. Midnight is about half-way domesticated
from his feral beginnings and Josi is warming up, but still not quite sure about the hands that feed her
... a few times a day. We are confident she'll learn how to return the love - sooner or later.
Above: Midnight enjoying a pleasant autumn day in K&R's yard. At the
same time, he's keeping an eye on the back door - that's where the food
comes from.

Right: Never mind waiting in the yard; impatience has brought him to the
threshold. The smells of Kitty's cooking brings all kinds of freeloaders.
Kitty has offered a bowl-o-fowl for the duo. Beside the
requisite nibbles and obligatory beverage, it's anyone's
guess what gourmet delights will be savored.
Nothing testifies to the
over consumption of
Kitty's cooking as well
as observing those who
have indulged.

The dynamic duo
seems to be quite
content - just like, well,
umm ... fat cats.
"I hate sleeping
on cement - this
is just right."
Not to be out-done
by the cats, one day
I stopped by for
some of Kay's
famous stuffed
Instead, I became a
mattress ... soft and
cuddly, no doubt.
Do your part.
Adopt a pet.
Take in a stray and have it checked and neutered,
or visit, and support your local shelter.
It'll all come back to you 1,000 percent!