If you can't get it,
          or they never made it
                                          ... then, build it!

These are the five W-J wannabes - shack accessories that I designed and built
because of the added utility they offer a fun Listening Post.

Top to bottom:
Power Line Switch-Controller
Power Line Conditioner
IF Demodulator/Sync Detector
Audio Controller/Contour Filter
RF Distribution Preselector/Preconditioner

Four of the five are built around 2 rack unit (2U) panels (3.5" Ht.)
The only thing I didn't build are those beautiful Watkins-Johnson rack handles.
Demilled W-J equipment is where I got them.
That handle design is very distinctive and it's instantly recognizable.
Since most of my equipment is W-J, I figured it would be nice to match everything.
W-J made many products that were 2U assemblies, but I could never find a 1U
chassis (1 3/4") with that particular design handle...maybe they never made one.
The fifth unit, the Power Line Switcher on top, is a 1U assembly.
So, my only solution was to fabricate some W-J (like) handles for a 1U chassis.

A few pieces of heavy aluminum plate and a couple hours at the milling machine
and buffing wheel and here's the results.

Are these the only W-J looking 1U handles in captivity?
Let me know if you have any ever seen any.