Following an early, brief introduction to Blondie via hearing their songs on the radio and catching the occasional
video on music TV, Louise became a ‘proper’ fan thanks to the release of Maria and subsequent re-emergence of
what she soon discovered to be the greatest band in the Universe!

Since going to her first Blondie gig at the NEC, Birmingham in 1998, Louise has now seen the band many, many
times, and has also been to a couple of Jazz Passengers shows too. Becoming a fan of a band with such an
extensive back catalogue and history meant that every spare penny was spent on building up a collection of
memorabilia, and with each new picture of Debbie she saw, Louise was further inspired to reach for the bleach
and change her hair color from brown to platinum blonde [well, half of it anyway!]

Louise began writing for the UK Blondie fanzine,
Picture This, in 2001, contributing gig reviews, news, band
member interviews, etc., and has been fortunate enough to have met the band on several occasions. She also
has Blondie to thank for meeting so many great people, including her best friend, Michelle Hendriks, lead singer
of the tribute band, Blondied, and dedicated Blondie devotee. “It was so good to finally meet someone so like-
minded to go to the gigs with, then go on to a club and drink champagne ‘til 3 AM instead of running Cinderella-
style to catch the last train home!” she says.

When asked about her most memorable gigs, Louise says that Norwich, 2005 always comes to mind, as she and
Michelle got to spend time with Barry L. Kramer and Adrienne, who were in the UK especially for the tour.

Louise estimates that 99.9 % of what she does is Blondie related in some way, and makes it her mission in life to
work Blondie into a conversation wherever possible! She is really excited about joining the
TBR ‘family.
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TBR is proud and pleased to welcome
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Louise Pinches Joins TBR
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Photos of Louise with Deborah, Michelle
Hendriks of 'Blondied' and hardcore fans
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