Listening Post
... a collection of premium surveillance
                        & intercept monitor stations.
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photos with others?

me some photos in jpg

If your MIL-SPEC equipment
applies, we'll post it here.

All government, military,
embassy, agency, maritime, and
commercial equipment applies.

Although a typical
civilian-operated LP might be
considered one that uses
"strategic" type equipment, it
would certainly be appropriate to
assemble a station with tactical,
mobile or man-pack type gear.

As technology trends advance,
we expect to see more SDR,
Digital-Hybrid, and Adaptive DSP
radios. At the moment, that
technology is expensive when
compared to some of these 10,
20, and 30-year-old radios, but
nonetheless, coming into its own
at a rapid pace. Of course, all the
real good stuff is still classified
and unavailable to us armchair
shadow agents. It's a fact of
reality that some day, in the not
too distant future, these great
W-J, Racal, Harris, and Collins
radios will be considered boat
anchors ... not unlike the king of
60 years past, the venerable
R-390(A). "
Long live the king."
Top to bottom: ACP-1, audio and demodulator control console; RFP-1 signal preconditioner; Watkins-Johnson WJ-8718A/MFP VLF, LF, MF, HF receiver.
RFP-1; WJ-8718A/MFP (microprocessor front panel); WJ-8718A (manual control); WJ
DMS105A demodulator.
WJ DMS105A demodulator; WJ-8718A (manual control); ITT/Mackay
3030A Marine (Maritime) receiver; Racal RA6790/GM receiver
Below: A temporary version of the W-J (type) LP.
The five top units are home brewed with an attempt to maintain the W-J graphics style.
Above: Closeups of the Power Management, External Control, and actual Receivers.

Below: Enlarged view of the three Aux. Units; SCM-1 Demodulator, ACP-1 Audio Controller, and RFP-1 Preselector.
These guys represent about 2 years of labor (of love) in concept design, circuit and application research, prototype development, testing and Beta evaluation. The
actual 2 years consists of weeks made up of 8 to 20 hours of actual engineering and fabrication time ... that's because I'm a married man, yup, I have a wife, and a
home and a yard, all of which require my various labors.