Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures
In the 1990s I was under contract with an "agency" to develop a portable receiving system that covered "DC to
Daylight." This field unit ended up being an Icom PCR-1000, a serial port data communications monitor, a lap top
computer, PSUs, a battery pack with vehicle ports for 12 VDC, and four antenna ports for VLF, HF, VHF, and UHF.
This is the original prototype case. Not shown are the 4 BNC antenna ports and the strap-in battery pack which
resided in the cover of the case along with 2 PSUs for the computer and PCR-1000.
Closeup of the system.
Thanks to Icom, there
really isn't much to it. The
only engineering that had
to be done was to build the
data monitor and design
the 2 antennas for
specialty use.
Above is the serial data communications monitor. It shows the send
and receive status of the data strings and the state of the Icom's

At left is a loop directional antenna originally designed for the Ham
2-meter band, now modified for the commercial marine band. Maybe
used to catch drug runners in their speed boats - or maybe drunk
fishermen on Labor Day...dunno. Where's 007?
Right: A UHF highly directional 9-element
Yagi. Solid brass construction, this model
was an experimental folded dipole version
that can be tuned to cover a broader range
of frequencies than a standard Yagi which
uses a dipole feed.