RF Inductors
Preselector Components
I've had several requests by people building preselectors, transmatches (tuners, couplers) and
various filter circuits, for sources of components.
Some of the hobby suppliers I generally do business with are: Hosfelt Electronics, Ocean State
Electronics, All Electronics, Marlin P. Jones, Parts Express, and Jameco. The major industrial supply
houses are Mouser, Allied, and Digikey.
I didn't look for all the URLs, but if you do a Google or Yahoo search, they'll pop up.
The hobbyist suppliers don't always have a complete range of values of everything, so usually it's
hit-and-miss, but they do have some great values on different things you may want, like variable
capacitors, chassis and enclosures, power supplies, knobs, switches,  potentiometers, etc.
One of my favorite sources for individual components is Mouser Electronics. I have no personal
connection to them, but find their shipping costs, available stock, delivery times, order accuracy, and
communications excellent - just a personal preference.
By a long shot, maybe 90% of the time, people ask about where I get my inductors. So I'll start there.
For some of the smaller values, like between 1 uH and 30 uH, I like to build my own if/when it's
practical. But with some of the very high-quality proprietary coils available, it's usually just not worth
the trouble - unless I (or you) enjoy doing that sort of thing. I guess it depends on my mood and how
anxious I am to finish the particular project.
Here's some scans from my Mouser catalog. Note the availability of
the high-Q inductors - above 80 or 100.