This past March (2006), after 44 months of brisk sales, the last copies
Blondie, From Punk to the Present sold out in stores world wide.
That was the one and only printing—now it’s gone forever!
But wait—all is not lost. We have received the return of some non-
saleable copies. Some have been damaged in shipping, some have
been read by reviewers, and some were on loan as sales samples.
The condition of these books varies from “used-very good” with minor
scuffing, scrapes, and scratches to “fair” with dents, dings, and minor
staining. In every case, all the pages and covers are intact.
If you would like one of these last-chance classics, send us an
and we’ll let you know what’s available.

As a reward for being so thoughtful as to take these 3-pound
monsters off our hands, we’ll throw in a copy of
TBR’s “Promo” issue,
plus a regular copy of
TBR (issue No. 13 through 25, your choice).
Don’t delay—this offer won’t last.
Own a Piece of History
Compiled by Allan Metz. Edited and
composed by the
TBR staff.