The Greatest Blondie Book
This is a 512-page book. It's all about Blondie and Punk,
New Wave music, and the New York scene in general.

The book was 3 years in the making - gathering all the
essays, articles, photos, data and tons of research.

The project was headed by Allan Metz and the book was
assembled by the TBR staff. Maryann Betts spent 18 months
typesetting this massive volume while I did all the photo
scanning and page layout. Amy Oravec did all the editing.

The first, and only, printing of the book sold out rather
quickly. It was retailed through the Official Blondie Web
site,, Barnes and Noble, and several college
book providers. This book actually became a required text
for college courses on Women in Rock, and other music

PTTP received more than 50 favorable reviews from various
music magazines, newspapers, and the Blondie band
members themselves.

I was thrilled to be invited to do five different radio show
interviews about Blondie, Debbie and the making of this
book - as its editor.

The TBR team, and I, are very honored to have been a part
of this project
-Bob Betts
Special Note;
Once the book had sold out, we received the return of several "review" copies. There were also a
few that were returned by various book stores which had some minor damage in shipping. We still
have a few of these books which are perfectly fine for reading, but only suffer some minor blemish,
maybe a corner dent, or possibly some written notes from a reviewer.
If you missed your chance to buy one of these 3-pound monsters, there's still hope.
Contact me; I may have a reviewer's copy available at a greatly reduced cost.