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The Most Complete
Blondie and Debbie Harry
Discography Collection ...
Ever !!!
Several years ago, I had the privilege of working with Lou Jones, the owner/creator of "
Lou has assembled the most complete Blondie and Debbie Harry discography reference collection (in
Web site format) that there has ever been ... or probably ever will be.

Eventually, Lou and
TBR collaborated to put his discography files in a printed reference format. That
The Special Discography Issue, became a best seller (in our White Books series) for TBR, with all
proceeds going to one of our stated charities
(*see note below). Limited quantities of the book are still
available from us; see the "
purchase" page.

Recently, Lou's health has turned an unfortunate corner, and he has been forced to sell much of his
very complete collection of DH/B treasurers in order to maintain medical treatments. If you read
you'll undoubedly have seen Lou's offers published in recent issues. If not, you may contact him
through his Web site.

Unfortunately, Lou's condition has worsened and now, due to medical expenses, the entire recmod web
site is in jeopardy. If you have ever used Lou's site to research DH/B stuff, or to find an elusive song or
album, or to search recorded concerts and performances, or if you just have visited there to surf
around and enjoy a very comprehensive trip through Blondie's 30-plus years,
then please consider
donating to him so that he can maintain his fantastic site.
Just click the button below.

Also note that Lou has some items up on eBay - he has info at his site concerning that as well.
Here is the cover of TBR's Special
Discography Issue, that Lou Jones is
responsible for composing.
TBR has sold
many of these issues over the past 7
years. Although the book covers Deborah
and Blondie through 2002, it is still a
treasure store of their catalog of records,
tapes, CDs, videos, soundtracks, and most
anything else ever recorded by Deb and
(Note: the covers of this book are now in B&W)

Please note that all proceeds from the sale
of all
TBR issues go to some charity. We
have donated to The Humane Society,
AIDS Research, and The 9/11 Relief Fund,  
Tsunami Relief Fund, various hurricane
funds, animal shelters, Breast Cancer
Research, and several others that Debbie
has told us she likes or has, herself,
volunteered for
TBR, its editors, writers, publishers, printers, distributors, and contributors are not paid or compensated in any
way. All funds received for subscriptions are disbursed in printing costs, postage, and charity ... in that order.
TBR is not associated with Blondie, their management, agents, or promoters.  
All proceeds from the sale of this issue will
go to support Lou's health and Web site.