Above and left: Amy and Sam at the famous Joe
Strummer mural at Niagara on East 7th Street and
Avenue A in New York’s East Village. Other phots taken
at (Handsome Dick) Manitoba’s club on Avenue B by
Tompkins Square Park.
Photos are the property of Amy Oravec.
Nik, Sam, Adrienne, Amy, and Nap. John Oravec behind the camera.
This time Nap takes the camera—John is on the right.
You have seen her pictures in TBR many times before. Sam Hill is the
quintessential Debbie tribute/cover person. She has been at this
business, with her band “Once More Into the Bleach,” for about 12 years.
Her band is acknowledged and recognized by Deb and the Blondies—
quite an honor, indeed.
Sam visits some TBR friends in New York City (April 2007)