These are nice meter
movements available at
several sources (Mouser,
All Elect, MPJA).They are
relatively inexpensive as
meters go. I have used
them on other projects
and they are very reliable.
These are 1 mA meters,
calibrated for 15 VDC,
but you can remove the
15 k Ohm resistor (blue
item to the right of the
movement) and
recalibrate them as you
like. (More on that later in
the project as I calibrate
them to the individual
Here are the meters
being disassembled, one
with its cover already
snapped off the case.

NOTE: The log book in
the photo is available

. It's indispensable
for an AM BCB DXer.)

This is a scan of the
meter artwork. Each
meter face is printed on
peel 'n' stick label stock.
They are 2" wide by 1"
high, each.

The labels are printed on
a decent color printer,
cut to size, and applied to
the meter face with
tweezers and a steady
hand, by sliding the label
behind the pointer. I
usually apply a thin coat
of clear acrylic to reduce
ink fade (spray lightly
and dry).

This is a photo of the
finished meters. Once
the ink is sealed with
clear Krylon, and the
resistor removed, the
meter faces will be
reattached with a drop of
anaerobic glue - one
drop each side, only -
that's enough to hold it
securely, yet you can still
remove it with a #11
Xacto blade for repairs,
mods, etc.
SSR: Super Superadio.
The panel with the meters installed. You can refer to
the panel layout photos at left. Note, due to the size of
the controls behind the panel, I had to move the
toggles inboard. This also gives a little more finger
room for spinning the knobs.