A Basic Studio Clock/Timer
Left:  This was a basic studio, event timer
clock. The display and some logic
functions had seen better days. So I
decided that this beautiful hardware
needed a new set of guts. Hat tip to Carl
for the gift.

The chassis and panel are first class
materials and construction - by "

Most of the innards will be removed, since
the new clock module requires cmos
supply levels with some TTL thrown in.

Mechanical switched logic will be replaced
with ROM logic firmware and the display
will be a rear illuminated LCD board.

I decided to add some of the display
features that we were used to in the Air
Defense Command (Army) with some of
the excellent Signal Corps equipment.

The readout will be selectable for;

Night Vision (red)
Daylight (green)
Room Light (blue)
High Visibility (white)
The switched circuits will be;
120 VAC N/O
12 VDC N/O
Dry Contact, Sinking (N/O), 10 Amps
The final result of the revised Studio
Timer Clock.

The finished clock

The four basic display
color schemes;

Night Vision

Daylight Vision

Room Light Vision

High visibility, pale
green, aqua, pink, etc.
The basic boards, manufactured by Elgin.

Some of the mods and switch harnesses
have already been added.
Closer detail of the Mode, Function and
LED back light control wires.

The 3 color LEDs for the back light are
behind the hot-melt glue strip.

The 3 LEDs offer the 3 basic colors, but
red, green, blue can be mixed for a total
of 7 display colors.

The red and green = pale yellow
The red and blue = violet
The green and blue = aqua
All on = white
Mode and Function Controls