BAL-9-MOD: 9:1 Receive-Only Balun with 12" coax pigtail for receive end and Red/Black leads for Antenna end. Coated with
weather-proof compound. Ready for you to build into your metal enclosure with your connectors.   $35.00

As above, but sealed in weather-proof metal case with
your choice of coax connector.
(Red and Black antenna input screw terminals are standard, as shown).
BAL-9-F: F-59 TV-type female connector for RG-6, RG-59. etc.   $60.00
BAL-9-B BNC female connector.   $63.00
BAL-9-U: UHF SO-239 female connector.   $66.00

MULT-4-MOD: 4-Way Multicoupler, weather-proof sealed with four 12" coax output  pigtails and one 12" antenna input coax
(see photo of typical module).   $65.00

As above, but sealed in weather-proof metal case with
your choice for the 5 coax connectors.
MULT-4-F:   F-59 TV-type female connector.   $90.00
MULT-4-B:   BNC female connector.   $96.00  
MULT-4-U:   UHF SO-239 female connector.   Avail soon
Special requirements?
Custom Balun ratios or additional output receiver taps are available.
Special Multicoupler configurations available.
Tell us your specific requirements and
ask for a quote.
* As of July 1, 2019
Subject to change as supplier costs vary.
Additional First Class postage is $5.35 shipped in the USA
Outside of USA, please contact me,
Receiving Equipment Accessories
If there is enough interest, I will start a small run of some of the older Accessories. We
have sold many 9:1 Baluns and Multicouplers over the years. Since then some new and
improved designs and components have become available. All of our prototypes we've
tested offer a marked improvement over many of the commercial and imported products
that we compared them to.

All of the designs are engineered to perform well in the 30 KHz to 30 MHz spectrum...and
are actually more broadband than those specified frequencies.

The Receive-Only Baluns may be configured by the user for Common Ground or isolated grounds between the antenna and
receiver sides. These Baluns offer excellent feedline to antenna isolation and greatly help to eliminate common mode noise
pickup at the receiving end.

The Multicouplers are low-loss and also very broadband, just like the Baluns these can be used down to (and below) 30 KHz
and up to the VHF band at 30 MHz...and somewhat beyond.

Both items will provide a certain amount of nearby strike induced lightning surge protection and both will
provide a low impedance shunt-to-ground DC path for static electricity buildup. The Hi-Q Transformer
coupling provides Low-Loss and High Isolation from Common Mode Noise currents.

Because we build in small batches or "build to custom order" specifications, you may have almost any common
variation or configuration that suits your listening post.

Balun or multicoupler configurations include:

Basic Module: Raw PC board module, sealed in weather-proof coating with coax leads. You build it into a metal
case with connectors of your choosing.

Finished Unit: Ready for 'Plug-n-Play'. These will be in weather-proof metal enclosures with connectors of your

See Price List and photos of typical units. (your unit may look different due to specific requirements - the photos are only to
illustrate typical assembly appearances)
Typical Baluns and 4-Way Multicouplers
configurations. Photos for reference only.
Layouts vary with optional selections.

ABOVE: Weather-proof 9:1 Balun. The 4-Way
Multicoupler is in a similar case but with one
input connector and 4 output connectors (all
coax types).

BELOW: What a typical coated and sealed
module looks like. Models will vary depending of
ordered configurations.
A few views of a side-mounted balun
which is a custom version of the
standard top-mounted balun shown
above and below. There is no extra
charge to build to your needs.

Please ask, and we'll discuss what is
E-mail me
Other configurations for reference:
End-Mounted and Top-Mounted