Regular issues are published four times a year in March, June, September, and December.
You may order these issues individually when they are printed, or by yearly subscription, or any of the
back issues.
- there is no price difference between individual issues and subscriptions.
Postage is included.
Please inquire via e-mail if you want any of the back issues - ALL ARE AVAILABLE.
A description of them can be seen

USA and Canada: $5.00
Elsewhere: $8.00
Special Theme Issues (The White Books) are published between regular issues. These
are special issues with a particular Debbie or Blondie theme.
Postage is included.
A description of them can be seen here.

USA and Canada: $10.00
Elsewhere: $12.00

We now have all TBR issues in E-Book format on CD. (More than 2,000 pages!)
You can read about them here.
(Not included is the  "Discography" issue.)

Here's what you get on the CD:

ALL Regular TBR issues: Nos. 1 through (current)  ***Plus Extras***
(ALL complete regular subscription issues- in FULL COLOR!)
7 Special "Theme" issues (7 complete issues)
(Spl. Art 1, Spl. Art 2, Sunday Girl, Scrapbook, Chronicles, Promo, Rock Rapture and Renaissance.)

(Note that many of the printed issues have all B&W photographs - the CD has all available color photos,
as originally submitted to us, in full color!)

All TBR issues originally a $250.00+ value in the US and Canada!  $350.00+ elsewhere)

                            Buy the CD now and SAVE !!!
USA and Canada: (CD price $39.95 + 4.05 ship = $44.00 total)   SPECIAL NOW  $39.00
Elsewhere:          (CD price $39.95 + 8.05 ship = $48.00)   SPECIAL NOW  $44.00
FUTURE AVAILABILITY (If there's enough interest)

Early issue color reprints should be available by the end of 2006/early 2007.
A description of them can be seen
here. These are the same issues (No. 1 through No. 12), but with
4-full color pages and improved bindings - just like all the current

Vol. 1 (6-Pack) Includes issues No. 1 through No.6
Vol. 2 (6-Pack) Includes issues No. 7 through No.12

USA and Canada: (Was $30.00) $24.95/Volume, + $4.05 ship =  Total $29.00
Elsewhere:          (Was $48.00) $24.95/Volume, + $14.05 ship =  Total $39.00

(Note: Ordering these sets of special edition issues, of our first B&W printings,
is like getting one issue for
TBR, its editors, writers, publishers, printers, distributors, and contributors are not paid or compensated in any way.
TBR does offer a complementary issue to non-staff contributors, if requested. All funds received for subscriptions are disbursed in
printing costs, postage, and charity ... in that order.
TBR is not associated with Blondie, their management, agents, or promoters.  
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told us she likes or has, herself, volunteered for
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