Special Art Issue

Various Deb/Blondie artwork from over the years and
around the world. Graphical, paintings, sketches,
drawings, mosaics, and digital graphics. Lots of
beautiful images

Special Art Issue II
More of the same, but this time by Mandy Rohr and
Josephin Neumann of Germany. There are great
feelings and emotions put to paper in their work. They
are two fantastically talented ladies. Mandy has an
excellent Blondie
Web site. where you can view some
of the fabulous work.

This amazing book contains 3,000 entries of Debbie and
Blondie records, tapes, CDs and videos. Basically a
tabulated hard copy of Lou Jones' fantastic discography
Web site. Lou's dedication and passion will be obvious
when you surf his site - there is nothing else like it!

This book is all Deb-stuff in the new Millennium -
everything of significance, not related to Blondie that
she's done between the albums
NO EXIT and The Curse
of Blondie.
It reads and looks like her personal diary since the
reunion. There's lots of photos in this issue - she's been
very busy!.

This special issue is a very explicit account of the first
10 years of Blondie: 1973 through 1982. Includes the
Stillettoes, Angel and the Snake, Blondie and the Banzai
Babies, and the early days of Blondie ... some very nice
old photos, and a lot of information not commonly
known about the band.

Sunday Girl
Available Valentine's Day 2004. This is a Deborah-only
photo special. We will be presenting some fabulous,
specially selected photos of our "once in a lifetime"
lady. To accompany the photos, there  will be some
excellent essays with the themes of "Personal Debbie
Meetings" and "Who and What is Deborah Harry."

Available: spring 2004. This is a special project we
dreamed-up to make some money for our favorite
charities, AIDS Research and The Humane Society.
Promo will contain several dozen examples of
Blondie-related promotional materials. These examples
will be fliers, handouts, brochures, ads, reviews, and
other materials associated with
TBR, the Totem lounge
parties in New York City, and  
Allan Metz's book,
Blondie, From Punk to the Present.

Rock, Rapture, and Renaissance:
The Eclectic Side of Deborah Harry
It's about the many-faceted talents, disciplines, and
presentations of our lady: The Queen of the USA.
       Limited printing, order early!!!
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