The Code Book:
Morse Code Instruction Manual

Reviewed in QST, the journal of the ARRL
                                                       and in
CQ, Amateur Radio magazines.

It's 100 pages of user friendly instruction that teaches the Morse Code as a skill and not an academic
subject. I wrote this book, as an instructor, while actively teaching code,  electronic theory, and FCC
regulation classes. All of the usual and special code-learning problems were noted and dealt with, at
an individual level, with the students.
I consolidated all of these code-learning problems and put them together in this easy to read, easy to
learn, code manual
This book teaches you how to overcome all the problems and stumbling blocks encountered in
learning the code, or upgrading to a higher speed.
Limited numbers of the book are still available at a no-profit
* cost of almost half the original price ...
Large format, 8 1/2" x 11", second edition, updated.

* Please Note: The original book sold for $19.95, plus postage, which eventually paid for all of the original
production and publishing costs.  After selling for a few years, and after all costs were recovered, I decided
to give back something to the Ham community. At that time I was selling it for half price and absorbing the
(domestic) postage myself. I did that until the original printing was exhausted. But, for some reason, the
demand for the book has returned ... somewhat. So I had to have a new, but small, printing run of these
books made due to its new-found popularity. However, like everything else these days, the cost of printing
and postage has increased and I am forced to increase the price to $12.50 (+$1.90 postage in the USA), for a
total of $14.40.

Foreign purchase and delivery will be calculated on an individual basis. If interested, please contact me.
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Good luck in your studies, and I hope to hear you on-the-air.
Learn Morse Code
All the proceeds from the sale of "TCB" go to offset the costs of the latest printing and to maintaining this entire Web site.
Thank you,
Bob, N1KPR
Now $14.40, including postage in the USA.
For foreign orders: please contact me.