Digital Atomic Clock
with Dual 60 KHz receivers

See Video

Single Master Clock
Prototype Receiver Model

WWV HF Receiver
(and NWS Weather receiver Twins)
This clock used two Spectracom receivers
and some added circuitry.

Although not shown in the photographs,
which were taken right after initial testing,
the "Local" and "UTC" displays have since
been programed for 24-hour format.

The two photos were taken with and without flash for
graphic clarity
A Signal Strength meter and driver circuitry have
been added along with a "bit detector" LED for each
The bit detector flashes green for a data pulse state
'one' and red for a '0' state pulse. These are the left
hand LEDs marked "Data Signal"
(see bottom photo).
Under the hood: The two receivers. signal strength meter drive board, 1 PPS output driver, and partially visible, the meter calibrate and LED illumination board.
The burn-in test in progress. The meter is illuminated with amber LEDs, but washed out here by the camera flash.