Atomic Master Clock
60 KHz Signals from WWVB Fort Collins, Colorado USA
Dual Clock
First Prototype
This is the Master Clock which contains both the digital and audio demodulators. I decided to show it here along with the Dual version which does not have the audio
options. The meter switch selects either the incoming digital data bit stream or the demodulated audio output. There is a built in audio amplifier and detector
(demodulator) so that you can actually hear what the meter is indicating. You can see and here it here;
Left and right closeups
Note that the Dual clock uses bi-color LEDs to save room, whereas the
Single master clock uses separate color LEDs for ease of recognition.

The Antenna Load control calibrates the current limiting feed to the remote
antenna preamp. Also, there are Reset and Drain functions to reset the
clock's bit stream or to drain the antenna system of any possible static
electrical buildup. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes the system can
lock up during a nearby lightning strike and the Drain control has to be used
to reset things.
Even in a dark studio, the time, operational functions and signal strength can easily be read.