Watkins-Johnson   8615D (S1)
VHF Receiver
The 8615 is the half-space cousin of the full
rack-sized 8617, 8618, etc. These guys were
originally marketed to various 3-letter governmental
agencies, embassies, the military and some
commercial and professional concerns as well.
Not having the panadaptor/band scope allows for its
small, albeit stuffed and compacted size.
Being a half-space 2U (3.5 inches high by 8.5 inches
wide) makes for some challenges in rack mounting
unless you have the proper W-J case. Since this little
fellow already has a chassis, I decided to not cut up
a rack chassis just to fit this one into a standard
19-inch equipment rack. Instead, I just bought a rack
shelf and bolted the receiver to it.
Since there was another half-space left over, I
decided that this would be well-used for the
appropriate antenna selector switch, RF preamplifier,
audio amplifier, and power control.

Here it is on its maiden flight as I tuned around
sampling various antenna feeds, preamp settings,
and audio level balancing.

Note that while I paused to photograph the radio, I stopped at
92.1 MHz FM (100KHz b/w). If you like "oldies," WLNG on the
East end of Long Island is a great radio station. If you are too
far away, check them out online ... especially for
Sock Hop
Saturday Night from 8:00 - midnight.
Here's what the raw radio looks
like in its simplest modular form.
The auxiliary aluminum
accessory panel with graphic
decal attached. It (sort of)
matched the W-J decor.

Controls are:
Antenna Select (3), RF
Attenuator, RF Preramp Gain,
Audio Gain, AC Power.
How to mount the half-space
module to a rack shelf.
Note the W-J handles and .5"
angle iron that attaches the W-J
to the shelf (behind the handles).
Backside of the auxillary aluminum
panel. Top modules are red/green
LED status indicators. The
switches enable or inhibit the
controls so that preset levels can
be locked and saved.
A few photos of the only non-HF radio in the
entire rack. It rightly takes its place at the top
... right under the WWVB atomic clock.